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Courses Offered

MEASI Institute of Management offers an exclusive 2 year Master's Programme in Business Administration, providing a formidable base of knowledge in fundamentals of management in an array of cores and electives.

The MBA Programme is a full-time offering which consists of 4 semesters. The graduate student gets to select any two electives from the following specializations:



Logistics Management

Hospital Management

Human Resources


Business analytics

Entrepreneurship and Family Business

Operations Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Vibrant Culture

MEASI emphasises a culture where every individual is encouraged to participate and showcase their talents.

Personality Development

Mentors who are dedicated to the overall development of students, make them competent in the challenging business environment.

Entrepreneurial Excellence

The decision making and leadership skills instilled in our students make them stand out as excelling entrepreneurs.

Experiential Learning

Does learning have to be only theoretical?
Not anymore. Here you engage yourself to a hands-on learning experience.

Corporate Mentoring

Why wait until graduation?
At MEASI, you can work along with corporates and gain real life practical insights while you study.

Business In Action

How do businesses find solutions for their problems? Work with highly skilled industry experts & work out business solutions for our corporate partners.

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